I pray two or three times a day, and if I’m having a great day, even more — I say little prayers of gratitude throughout the day.

Sometimes I think this catches people by surprise. Most people think of me, I hope, as kind of a hard nosed numbers and rationality guy. But rationality and prayer aren’t contradictory. They just cover two different parts of the human experience — the knowable and the unknowable. For all that we know, for all that we can know, there will always be a part that is unknowable. We might answer the What, but…

Sometimes it seems as if “compromise” has become a dirty word. It’s worth remembering that it was a compromise, Democratic Capitalism, that made the United States the country it is.

Democratic Capitalism is capitalism moderated by the power of democracy to ensure we all have a chance to participate in our economy, share in its benefits and that everyone plays by the same set of financial and legal rules.

Politics isn’t a history lesson, but the history is important. In the 1930’s there was a global conflict between two different economic systems, capitalism and socialism. Socialists believed that the government’s…

It’s been a great month for democracy.

Not because Joe Biden won, although I am happy about that. It’s been a great month for democracy because the citizens of the United States of America proved yet again that we recognize, and cherish, this beautiful system of government we have built. We cherish the right of every American — every American — to participate in the process of choosing our leaders.

Countries age, and systems age. Sometimes its possible to wonder if our democracy has gotten old and tired, or we have gotten tired of doing the things we need to…

Went looking for an overview of how to manage corporate books, surprisingly couldn’t find anything. So here it is..


· A separate physical corporate book will be maintained for each entity.

· Copies of all material documents related to the entity will be added to the corporate book.

· All documents organized reverse chronologically, with newest documents first.

· As updated materials are added, outdated material is moved to the Archive section.


Tab — Entity Overview

· Summary of key corporate information (corp info, contact info, material agreements, lease, etc.)

Tab — Operating Agreement


Fifty years ago the wealth our economy created was broadly distributed throughout our society — everybody benefited from the prosperity. Over the last thirty years almost all of the new wealth created, $21 trillion, has gone to a very small part of our population, with the middle class and poor getting almost none of the gain.

This wasn’t the natural result of Capitalism. It happened because the Keepers of Capitalism allowed a second set of rules to be slipped into different parts of our economy that only benefited a very small part of our population. …

Be gentle with your Trump-loving relatives this Thanksgiving

Be gentle with your Trump-loving family members this Thanksgiving. And yes, that means taking a step back from your moral high ground.

I didn’t vote for the President and I’m not a fan of the Administration. However the Pro Impeachment crowd seems to regularly distort or even ignore why people voted for Trump — because they felt that a President Hillary Clinton would be more dangerous to our country and to our Constitution.

Right now, if you are against President Trump, you have a conversational advantage at the Thanksgiving table. We have…

Let me explain to you why people that say they believe in socialism are so annoying. If I said “I believe in government by unicorns” you would laugh at me. But socialism is no more connected to reality than unicorns are.

The central promise of Socialism is that it removes greed from the economic decision-making process — it’s an economic system that rejects greed as a motivating principal. It does this by ending private ownership of the means of production. …

Last Friday a judge in St. Louis ruled that Officer Jason Stockley was not guilty of 1st degree murder in the shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith, a young African American. The pain of the decision will be felt for a long time to come.

When the officer that killed Philando Castille was acquitted in Minnesota, there was frustration, but also understanding and acceptance. In police shootings our society assumes that absent proof of malicious intent, a shooting by an officer was a good faith judgement call made in the heat of the moment. …

Sometimes people seem to expect that I don’t believe in God, as if atheism was the natural state for an analytical mind. My analytical friends seem surprised that I have stepped outside the bounds of the provable to make a leap of faith.

Certainly true, believing in God is a leap of faith. But so is believing your life has a purpose — you can’t prove your life means anything any more than I can prove that God exists. I guess there are people that believe their life has no purpose, but I haven’t met many — to my knowledge…

A Dishonest Conversation on Healthcare

The conversation our country is having about healthcare right now is not honest. It’s not just the Republicans, the Democrats are just as dishonest, in a different way. Republicans talk about government death panels denying care. Democrats talk about insurance company death panels. Both positions are intellectually dishonest. Both Republicans and Democrats know that a part of insurance is drawing boundaries around the care that would be paid for by the group. Any care outside that boundary doesn’t get paid for. …

Blake Ashby

Ferguson, Missouri resident frustrated that NO candidates are talking about Democratic Capitalism, fixing what we have instead of tearing it out by the roots..

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